Halloween Puzzles to pick brains

Halloween Puzzles

Halloween puzzles are a fun filled activity to keep young and old alike engrossed for hours together on Halloween eve and during Halloween parties. Keep guests entertained by piecing together a 1000 piece Halloween jigsaw puzzle or making a play on words with a Halloween Word Scrabble. Determined to keep awake waiting for the Great Pumpkin? Pass the time with a pack of Halloween crosswords or word search puzzles. Need unique Trick or Treat Gifts to fill the Treat Bags ? Halloween Puzzle Packs are the answer.

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Halloween Picture Puzzles

Halloween Picture Puzzles are fun activities for kids in any halloween party. Hidden Pictures, Brain Games, Interactive Picture games and other halloween pictorial activities keep kids engrossed for hours together.

Halloween Hide and Seek

On a Scary Scary Night

I Spy Spooky Night

Brain Games

Ultimate Hidden Pictures

Interactive Picture Games

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are so engrossing. Depending on the time available during the Halloween , you can go in for 100 piece puzzles for shorter duration or upto 1000 piece puzzles which can take longer time to piece together

Doug Laird Friends on Halloween

Haunted House Jigsaw

Peanuts The Great Pumpkin

Hellraisers on Halloween Night

Charlie Brown Trick or Treat

Linda Picken Kitty Tricks

Mini Halloween Puzzles

Mini Halloween Puzzles
Here is a unique Trick or Treat gift for the brainy types.
This is a bunch of assorted halloween puzzles.
Some mazes and jigsaws and picture puzzles all with haunting Halloween themes.
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Halloween Word Puzzles

There are many different halloween word puzzles available. Simple wordsearch puzzles, scrable, mad lib, even halloween riddles, which are a play on words.

Halloween Word Scrambles

Halloween Wordsearch Card

Rhyming Halloween Riddles

Halloween Mad Libs Junior

My Happy Halloween Book

Halloween Crossword Puzzles

Halloween Crossword Puzzle Card
Here is a truly engaging Halloween Card.
It has a crossword puzzle on top to stop the recepient in his/her tracks.

More Halloween Puzzles

Some more Spooky, scary halloween puzzles. Some activity books, puzzle packs, mazes and game pads.

Spooky, Silly Halloween Puzzles

Frightfully Fun Activity Book

Halloween Mazes

Who"s There, Little Hoo

Fun Pads Game Books


Spooky Halloween Puzzles

Online Halloween Puzzles

Click Here for more interesting Halloween Puzzles

Cards for Halloween – To wish, invite, thank, greet and scare!

Cards for Halloween are your communication channels with your friends and guests and relatives. Apart from Halloween invitation cards to invite folks to your Halloween party, you will need Happy Halloween Cards to greet and wish everyone. You can choose from vintage cards for that old world feel, or funny cards to lighten up the mood. Then there are pop up cards to excite the kids. Or you can print your own Halloween cards online after customizing and personalizing with your own messages.

Vintage Cards for Halloween

Vintage cards give an old-wordly feel to your Halloween celebrations. Old fashioned pictures, Victorian era images, vintage black cats and pumpkins are some of the common motifs.

halloween invitations cards

Skulls and Skeletons and Jack o Lantern pics are common on Halloween invitations. So are cartoon characters such as Peanuts. New trendy invitations include Angry Bird Invitations which can be customized with your own Halloween messages

Cricut Halloween Card

happy halloween cards

Pumpkins with evil grins and Black Spiders with ugly stares vie with Frankenstein and other monsters to wish everyone a Happy Halloween

Funny Halloween Blank Greeting Cards

A set of 10 greeting cards for women with a funny picture and a punch line. These cards are blank inside and so can be used as greeting cards, invitation cards, or gift cards for halloween.

halloween pop up cards

Monsters and costumed dogs, Spooktacular haunted houses, Zoo animals and monster Trick o treaters – they are all lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce. Who knows, they may even pop out of your Halloween Greeting Card!

Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over The Page Set, Spiderweb Window

For DIY enthusiasts, who would like to make their own Halloween Invitations, Martha Stewart shows how to make DIY Invitations using the readily available Martha Stewart Crafts Hallowen InvitationPunch All Over The Page and other similar kits.
free printable halloween cards

Disney Halloween Adult Costumes are Evergreen and Popular

Among the various Themed Halloween Adult Costumes, there are some which are the flavor of the period. Angry Birds , for example. These were a big hit once, but the fad did not last. Some themes are, however, evergreen and always popular. Disney Themed Halloween Costumes for Adults have been popular every year. While some old favorites continue to remain popular, such as winnie pooh and the Disney Princesses, others have caught on this year, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas. Take a look at the different Disney Halloween Adult Costumes available online

Disney Halloween Costumes for Couples

There are many romantic and stylish pairings among Disney characters. Let us take a look at some of the pairings for ideas of Couples costumes. Some pairings are straight from the storylines – Jessie and Woody from Toy Story; Cinderella and Prince Charming; Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Others are unisex adaptations of popular characters – Mr Incredible, Mr Potatohead and Jack Skellington
Jesse and Woody from Toy Story
Old Favourites Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
Meet The Incredibles
Cinderella and her Prince Charming
Merry Mr and Mrs Potato Head
Jack Skellington and his female avatar

Pirates of the Caribbean Adult Halloween Costumes

Imagine the entire cast of Pirates of the Caribbean turning up for your Halloween Party! Adult Costumes of almost all the famous and infamous characters are available here – Captain Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, different pirates.

Alice in Wonderland Adult Halloween Costumes

Alice and all the characters from Wonderland are in yor house this Halloween. The Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter along with Tweedledum; The Red Queen and the White Queen.

DIY Halloween Charms for Halloween Jewelry

Halloween themed charms provide a nice extra touch to one’s Halloween wear. These charms can be attached to Bracelets or Necklaces and there are even charms for kids shoes!

Skulls in general and Jack Skellington in particular are the most popular motifs in Halloween charms. Other Halloween themes such as Witches, Jack O Lantern, Owls, Bats, Ghosts and Black Cats also feature on these charms.

It is quite easy to create your own charms. Bead Charm Kits and DIY Jewelry Making kits are available for DIY Halloween Charms projects. One can also use other commonly available material to create one’s own charms as shown in the videos on this page.

Jack Skellington Halloween Charms

The many grins and grimaces of Jack Skellington!. Ever since the release of the Disney film, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Pumpkin King has been the popular choice for Halloween costumes and decorations. This section features a number of Jack Skellington Charms for Bracelets and Necklaces. Check out the cute little Jack Skellington Pajama Bear Charm!

Create Your Own Halloween Bead Charm Kits

These are some simple yet elegant bead charm crafts with all the popular Halloween symbols. There is a witch, and a spooky ghost. Giving them company are their pets – a black cat and a vampire bat. And rounding off the collection is a Jack O’Lantern. These are ideal Halloween Crafts Activities for Kids and would make a good addition to any Treat Bag.

Halloween Pumpkin Charm

Jack O Lantern Charm based Jewelry are rather uncommon with limited variations. Halloween themed charms are more focused on skulls and ghosts and other evil stuff. You can create your own realistic pumpkin charm using orange clay and some colors as shown in the video

Cartoon Halloween Croc Charms

Cute little kitty dressed as a devil? That is the top cartoon character charm!. A Hello Kitty Lil Devil charm along with her Sanrio friend Kuromi. There are Spongebob and Batman Charms too.

Cute Spirit Ghost Halloween Bead For European Charm Bracelets

This is a cute little ghost charm which can be easily added to any Halloween themed Charm Bracelet. The ghost face gives an adorable look and is complimented by a miserable looking jack-o-lantern.

DIY Jewelry Making for Halloween with Skull Charms

Some DIY Jewelry Making supplies. There is a choice of skulls. The Lampwork Beads Earring has a Large Eye which makes it suitable for using as a Halloween Jewelry. The Scissors Earring too, is scary enough to be converted into a Halloween Charm. The Halloween Owl magnetic clasp is another elegant accessory

Halloween Skull Charm Bracelet

Halloween skull bracelets are popular and many variations are available in the market such as those below.

Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween Crafts and Activities for Kids

Because of the mystique, Halloween is the one of the most captivating holidays, enthusiastically celebrated by both adults and children.This post provides info about some great resources for fun Halloween activities for kids. Here you can find links to Coloring Pages, Crosswords, Word-search Puzzles, Halloween Masks, Halloween Games, carving pumpkin patterns. There are also links below to more fun Halloween stuff on other sites – wallpapers, jigsaw puzzles, printable calendars, e greetings

Halloween Activity Packs

Pumpkin crafts and decorations, a zombie brain mold, skull and skeleton activities

Links to Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween Activity Books

Some Halloween Activity Books, with drawing, coloring activities, sticker books, pumpkin decorations.

Links to Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween Costume Activities

Costume activities for Halloween with DIY Halloween Costume Ideas, Word Play Costumes, and other costume crafts

Halloween pumpkin stencils

Links to scary pumpkin stencils – free pumpkin stencils,pumpkin carving patterns, scary pumpkin stencils

Halloween Coloring Activities

Some Halloween Coloring Activities Books for Toddlers and Pre-School Kids

Halloween Trivia

Orange and black are Halloween colors because orange is associated with the Fall harvest and black is associated with darkness and death.

The ancient Celts thought that spirits and ghosts roamed the countryside on Halloween night. They began wearing masks and costumes to avoid being recognized as human.

Bobbing for apples is thought to have originated from the roman harvest festival that honors Pamona, the goddess of fruit trees.

Halloween, referred to as All Hallows Eve, was originally a pagan holiday in which they honored the dead. It was celebrated on October 31 since this was the last day of the Celtic calendar. The celebration dates back some 2,000 years.

The jack-o-lantern tradition comes from an old Irish folk tale about a man named Stingy Jack. It was said that he was unable to get into heaven and was turned away from the devil because of his tricky ways. So he set off to wander the world looking for a resting place. For light, Stingy Jack used a burning coal ember in a hollowed out turnip. When the Irish immigrated to the U.S. during the Great Potato Famine of 1845-1850, they found that turnips were not as readily available like they were in the homeland. So they started carving pumpkins as a replacement for their tradition.

On Halloween, Irish peasants used to beg the rich for food. For those that refused, they would play a practical joke. So, in an effort to avoid being tricked, the rich would hand out cookies, candy, and fruit – a practice that morphed into trick-or-treating today.

Halloween Signs for Realistic Props

Halloween Signs add fun and charm to Halloween themes. Well Placed Halloween Signs add a touch of realism to your Halloween Decorations and Props.This is a collection of different Signs reflecting the different moods of Halloween. There are scary and spooky signs, and happy signs too.There is a section on Halloween Cutouts to use for making your own signs and links to a couple of videos to show you how to create your own Halloween Signs and Decorations.

Happy Halloween Signs

Whether your Halloween theme is scary or spooky or funny, you dont want to forget wishing your friends and visitors a Happy Halloween. Here is a collection of Happy Halloween Signs . From plastic banners and metal accents to inflatable signs.

Halloween Boo Signs

Welcome to the wonderful world of Halloween BOO-ing! Garden Flags, House Flags, Stake Signs, Metal Sign Hangings, Wooden Hangings – A variety of ways for Booing

How to Make Frightening Halloween Decorations

With just a few supplies, you can easily create your own frightening Halloween Decorations and spooky Halloween signs. The video shows a simple method of making a spooky sign and the book shows many other ideas for creatively frightening halloween projects.

Halloween Scary Signs

All kinds of scary halloween signs.Zombie crossing, beware of monster, the undead vampires, scary cemetry

Halloween Yard Signs with Fake Tombstones

This is a set of Halloween Yard Signs with a difference. You can convert your front yard into a graveyard with realistic fake tombstones with Halloween signs such as RIP, Ima Goner, Dustin Ash. The video shows how you can make your own fake tombstone.

Spooky Halloween Signs

Zombie warning. Beware the undead.Spooky Town Werewolf Crossing. All spooky and creepy signs.

Witch Magic Sign Halloween Sign

Invite your neighbors and friends into the world of witch magic behind your door! Black, iron sign to hang near the front door on Halloween. This is a great sign for hanging in the house. Your family will love it and the feel it gives to the room! An interesting product that is sure to bring a smile to every face that crosses into the room.

Halloween Borders to Jazz up your Halloween Printables

Halloween Borders – Something Extra for Halloween Printables

Halloween Borders are page borders with Halloween theme. You can use these free printable Halloween borders for your Halloween crafts, Halloween invitations and greetings, Halloween Signs and other Printable Halloween Activities. You can also use these as Halloween photo borders and Halloween picture borders. All the borders displayed on these lens were created from dingbat fonts available in the public domain .

Halloween Theme Bulletin Board Borders

How To Haunt Your House [Paperback]

This is a good book for practical spooking. The book has beautiful photographs with clear and lucid tips and instructions. This is for people who LOVE Halloween. The projects are fun and creative and easy on your budget. The price of this product may throw you off but if you are into home haunting and Halloween that this book is worth the price. An excellent resource to use for Halowween ideas that are both suitably scary and reasonably easy to do.

More Page Borders

Skulls, bones & Skeletons, Pumpkins, Bats and Snakes, Ghosts and Witches – pick your scary choice and print them out

Halloween Face Masks for Cosplay and Halloween Parties

Even the baddest Halloween Costumes are incomplete without a matching face mask. On the other hand, a grotesque face mask can capture attention so much that it overshadows your halloween costume completely. This page will help you select a suitable Halloween mask. There are clown Masks and funny masks to add a dash of humor. There are zombie masks and masquerade masks to wear to a Halloween Mask Party. And other vilanous creatures get celebrated too, such as Jason and Myers.

Clown Halloween Masks

Colorful clowns with characteristic large red tomato sized noses. With interesting names like die laughing clown, punch line clown and freako the clown. Then there is the Joker , the arch villian of the Batman Comics. Being a clown during Halloween is so much fun.

Funny masks for Halloween

Funny masks bring smiles on sinister faces during Halloween. Animal masks such as the Happy Chimp mask are quite popular and so are funny old men and nuns. Then there is the Motor Mouth Mask modeled on talk show host Jay Leno.

Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Mask

Who is more evil? Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees ? Which movies are scarier? The Halloween Series or the Friday the 13th series? The debates can be endless. Which mask is more grotesque? Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers ? Me says it is a no contest ! Just take a look at this mask and I am sure that you will join me in voting for Jason

Halloween Michael Myers Mask

Move over frankenstein and dracula. There are other modern personifications of evil. None more popular during Halloween than Micheal Myers, made popular by the Halloween series of movies. It is amazing how many subtle and not so subtle variations are brought out in the different masks of myers. Your masks collection is incomplete without one.

Masquerade masks for Halloween

Masquerade masks are not just for Mardi Gras and Balls. You can have a ball wearing appropriate masquerade masks during Halloween Mask Parties. Apart from the vintage venetian masks there is the V for Vendetta mask, sinister in name and appearance without being grotesque.

Halloween Zombie Masks

Zombie masks are soooo appropriate for Halloween. The gorier the better. Masks with One eyed skulls, tongues sticking out, hair all over the place, blodd shot eyes; Add a cleaver through the head for more monstrous impact.

Make a Papier-Mache Halloween Mask

DIY enthusiasts are sure to try their hands at making their own masks for Halloween. Paper Machie masks are comparitively easy to make and quite sturdy too. The book here gives many ideas with detailed instructions.

Halloween led Masks

Halloween Silhouette Templates for Decorations

These printable Halloween Silhouettes are useful as simple stencils and cut out templates for carving simple patterns on pumpkins. These can also be used in Printable Halloween Crafts for creating Invitations, Flyers, Signs, Halloween Cards and Greetings etc.

Lighted Window decoration

Lighted Window decoration with a large ghost outline. Looks like Casper the friendly ghost, but is neither too cute nor too scary.The lights are bright and the ghost looks great in the window. Good visibility from even 20 feet away.

Some common Halloween Silhouette Stock Motifs including bats, crows, rats and spiders

Spooky Halloween Silhouettes: Punch-Out Window Shadows for a Haunted Home

Large-format book of black pages with jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, ravens, skulls, and more.The punch outs in the book are a nice thick card stock and are sturdy enough to take down and use for a few years. The individual silhouettes cost less than a dollar each. The amazing silhouettes make decorating scary, spooky, easy, and fun. This book is a great “Trick or Treat”

halloween lighted window silhouettes

Scary Peeper Creeper Black Silhouette

This life size monster provides a great finishing touch for any Halloween Horror theme

halloween silhouette yard decorations

Scary & Non Scary Halloween Table Decorations

Classy & creepy! Silhouettes of Horror Movie characterss to adorn your table

Halloween Outdoor Hanging Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Cat iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus Case

Perfect case for Halloween! A Ghost carrying an orange pumpkin with the silhouette of a black cat in front of it.

Halloween Costume Wigs

Wigs for Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys

Are you getting the feeling that your Halloween costume is not quite perfect yet? What you need is a wig to match your costume. A matching wig complements and completes a good Halloween Costume. It can also make up for an incomplete or not quite there yet costume, because folks look at the face first are the wig ( and mask if any ), give the first impressions about your Halloween Costumes. Take a look at the Halloween Costume Wigs on this page for some ideas about wigs suitable for your costumes. The variety of Halloween wigs for boys and girls include Monster High wigs for Halloween costumes and wigs for Disney Princess Halloween costumes. There are also some celebrity branded wigs such as those from raquel welch, paula young, vivica fox, nicki minaj, beverly johnson and noriko – not exactly Halloween stuff, but just ideas to complement different costumes.

Halloween wigs for girls

Girls are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting wigs. There are the cute wigs such as strawberry shortcake, hip ones such as the Ms Chow wig and the Adam’s Family Wednesday wig and anime based punk type wigs such as the Inuyasha Sesshoumaru Halloween Wig.

Monster High wigs for Halloween costumes:

Most of the Monster High characters have a huge fanbase, so naturally, these wigs are popular now. Apart from Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue, one can choose from wigs of the other popular characters too.

Style a Costume Wig for Halloween

If you are on a budget, or if you just like to tinker with stuff, you will love this idea. The video shows how to take a budget costume wig like the one shown here and turn it into a great looking stylish Halloween Wig

Boys Halloween wigs

The old Elvis Presley look, the Mad Scientist look, the scary Beetlejuice Wig and Goku wig are among the popular wigs for boys.

Wigs for Disney Princess Halloween Costumes

Choose the matching wig here for your Disney Princess costume. All the popular cute little princess from rapunzel to aurora, ariel, pocahontas, snow white and cinderella.

Celebrity Wigs

Raquel Welch, Paula Young, Tina Turner, Farrah Fawcet, Beyonce – all the famous chicks with their stylish and hip wigs