Halloween Costume Wigs

Wigs for Halloween Costumes for Girls and Boys

Are you getting the feeling that your Halloween costume is not quite perfect yet? What you need is a wig to match your costume. A matching wig complements and completes a good Halloween Costume. It can also make up for an incomplete or "not quite there yet" costume, because folks look at the face first are the wig ( and mask if any ), give the first impressions about your Halloween Costumes.

Take a look at the Halloween Costume Wigs on this page for some ideas about wigs suitable for your costumes. The variety of Halloween wigs for boys and girls include Monster High wigs for Halloween costumes and wigs for Disney Princess Halloween costumes.

There are also some celebrity branded wigs such as those from raquel welch, paula young, vivica fox, nicki minaj, beverly johnson and noriko – not exactly Halloween stuff, but just ideas to complement different costumes.

Halloween wigs for girls:Girls are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting wigs. There are the cute wigs such as strawberry shortcake, hip ones such as the Ms Chow wig and the Adam’s Family Wednesday wig and anime based punk type wigs such as the Inuyasha Sesshoumaru Halloween Wig.

Strawberry Shortcake Wig

Addam"s Family Child"s Wednesday Wig

Karmae Anime Halloween Costume Pink Wig

Inuyasha Sesshoumaru Halloween Wig

Ms.Chow Red and Black Wig

Strawberry Shortcake Raspberry Torte Wig

Monster High wigs for Halloween costumes:Most of the Monster High characters have a huge fanbase, so naturally, these wigs are popular now. Apart from Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue, one can choose from wigs of the other popular characters too. Click Here for the entire Monster High Wigs Collection

Monster High Frankie Stein Girls Wig

Monster High Abbey Boominable Child Wig

Monster High Draculaura Childs Wig

Monster High Lagoona Blue Girls Wig

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Girls Wig

Monster High Cleo de Nile Child Wig

Style a Costume Wig for Halloween

If you are on a budget, or if you just like to tinker with stuff, you will love this idea.

The video shows how to take a budget costume wig like the one shown here and turn it into a great looking stylish Halloween Wig

Boys Halloween wigs:The old michael jackson wet look, the punk look of the dark blue new york giants wig, the scary Edward Scissorhands Wig and wolf boy wig are among the popular wigs for boys.

Wet Looking Wig

Black Afro Child Wig

Bieber Fever Wig

Wolf Boy Wig

NFL New York Giants Blue Party Fan Wig

Edward Scissorhands Wig

Rocked Out Zombie Wig

This wig is a part of the Rocked out Zombie costume, but the zombie look comes almost entirely from the wig. So you only need this wig and some make up at home to get that killer zombie look.

If you have an undead monster costume but no matching wig, this is what you are looking for.

Wigs for Disney Princess Halloween Costumes: Choose the matching wig here for your Disney Princess costume. All the popular cute little princess from rapunzel to aurora, ariel, pocahontas, snow white and cinderella.

Tangled Rapunzel Wig

Ariel Wig

Pocahontas Wig

Snow White Wig

Cinderella Wig

Aurora Wig

Lady Gaga Blonde Curly Hair Wig

A celebrity wig for just $9 ? Doesn’t look quite right?

It would not if you are looking to use it out of the box. But if you are prepared to tease it out just a little bit, you can get that celebrity look .

Look at the video to know how.

Celebrity Wigs:Raquel Welch, Paula Young, Vivica Fox, Nikki Minaj, Beverly Johson – all the famous chicks with their stylish and hip wigs

Entice Raquel Welch Wig

Paula Young Wig Whisperlite Emily 14/88A Size

BRIE-V Vivica A. Fox Futura Fiber Full Wig

Blonde Nikki Minaj Wig

BEVERLY JOHNSON Lace Front Synthetic Wig

Millie Synthetic Wig by Noriko