Halloween Face Masks for Cosplay and Halloween Parties

Halloween Face Masks
Even the baddest Halloween Costumes are incomplete without a matching face mask. On the other hand, a grotesque face mask can capture attention so much that it overshadows your halloween costume completely. This page will help you select a suitable Halloween mask. There are clown Masks and funny masks to add a dash of humor. There are zombie masks and masquerade masks to wear to a Halloween Mask Party. And other vilanous creatures get celebrated too, such as Jason and Myers.

Clown Halloween Masks

Colorful clowns with characteristic large red tomato sized noses. With interesting names like die laughing clown, punch line clown and freako the clown. Then there is the Joker , the arch villian of the Batman Comics. Being a clown during Halloween is so much fun.

Funny masks for Halloween

Funny masks bring smiles on sinister faces during Halloween. Animal masks such as the Happy Chimp mask are quite popular and so are funny old men and nuns. Then there is the Motor Mouth Mask modeled on talk show host Jay Leno.

Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Mask

Who is more evil? Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees ? Which movies are scarier? The Halloween Series or the Friday the 13th series? The debates can be endless. Which mask is more grotesque? Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers ? Me says it is a no contest ! Just take a look at this mask and I am sure that you will join me in voting for Jason

Halloween Michael Myers Mask

Move over frankenstein and dracula. There are other modern personifications of evil. None more popular during Halloween than Micheal Myers, made popular by the Halloween series of movies. It is amazing how many subtle and not so subtle variations are brought out in the different masks of myers. Your masks collection is incomplete without one.

Masquerade masks for Halloween

Masquerade masks are not just for Mardi Gras and Balls. You can have a ball wearing appropriate masquerade masks during Halloween Mask Parties. Apart from the vintage venetian masks there is the V for Vendetta mask, sinister in name and appearance without being grotesque.

Halloween Zombie Masks

Zombie masks are soooo appropriate for Halloween. The gorier the better. Masks with One eyed skulls, tongues sticking out, hair all over the place, blodd shot eyes; Add a cleaver through the head for more monstrous impact.

Make a Papier-Mache Halloween Mask

DIY enthusiasts are sure to try their hands at making their own masks for Halloween. Paper Machie masks are comparitively easy to make and quite sturdy too. The book here gives many ideas with detailed instructions.

Halloween led Masks