Weston Vacuum Sealer Replacement Parts

weston vacuum sealer parts

Weston Vacuum Sealers are known to be sturdy appliances, but they will require replacement of the Teflon Seals at times. Sometimes the heating element fails.The Weston brand maintenance kits are quite expensive, but there are other substitute kits which are quite effective, if you dont insist on OEM parts. Here is a list of replacement parts for the Weston Pro Vacuum Sealers

Maintenance Kit for Weston Pro-2100 and 2300 Vacuum Sealers

The Weston Pro 2100 and 2300 Vacuum Sealers are heavy duty sealers which are known to be more rugged, quieter and faster than other vacuum sealers. The sealing strip is larger, the sealer can seal larger bags with lesser wastage and the Weston bags are also cheaper than other brands. Weston also providers complete maintenance kits with Vacuum Chamber Seals and Teflon tapes so you dont have to hunt for the seals separately.

Weston Pro 3000 Vacuum Sealer Parts

Vacuum Sealer Maintenance Kit For RT and LTC Models

The Weston Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer became popular after being recommended by “The Iron Chef” Michael Symon on the Live to Cook program and is known as the LTC model. For outdoor use, Weston have a Harvest Guard Sport RT model. Weston have a separate Maintenance Kit suitable for both these models.

Supplies to make your own Seals

Instead of buying the readymade teflon seals, you can also cut your own seals if you have rolls of Teflon tape or PTFE tape.Measure the length of each seal and cut same length from your PTFE roll.Make sure that what you have is a High Temperature PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape.Unlike ordinary teflon tape used for plumbing, these tapes can withstand high temperature.After removing the old tape, it is a good idea to clean the surface using something like Goo Gone before applying the new seal.

Some Useful Links

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Gaskets are not available for quite a few Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Models. This is a link to a video showing how you can solve this problem. You will need the Gasket Maker material shown here. single_westonwire
Some more parts such as heating elements and rubber seals are available at sealersupply and also on the official Weston website. Some Troubleshooting Tips and Precautions, Dos and Donts for using vacuum sealers
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