Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Gaskets and Replacement Parts

gaskets for foodsaver
Foodsaver are one of the leading brands of vacuum sealers for domestic use,providing a range of vacuum sealing systems along with useful accessories like containers, jar sealers, and wine-bottle stoppers as well as pre-cut freezer bags and rolls of bag material for creating custom-size bags. With a range of compact, easy to use, reasonably priced models such as the basic V2200 series and FM2000 series, the pro series and gamesaver series and accessories such as the hand sealer, freshsaver and jar sealer, foodsaver have all the bases covered for the household vacuum sealing needs. There are a few precautions to be taken to ensure proper working of these kitchen gadgets and some folks find that they just cannot get the hang of it. But for most people, once they get to know how to use them, these vacuum sealers give years of troule-free service. The main problems that regular users face is suction doesn’t happen and vacuuming is not complete. This is usually due to problem with the gasket. After checking for the common problems, if you find that the gasket needs to be replaced, this compilation of gaskets and parts for the different tilia foodsaver vacuum sealer models should come in handy. If your required gasket is not in this list, check out the video link at the bottom of the page for a DIY solution

Gaskets for V2200, V2400, V2800 Series

The V2200, V2400, V2800, V3000, V3200, V3400, V3800 Series Vacuum Sealers all have two foam gaskets model T910-00075. If you have 1 Foam and 1 Rubber Gasket, only replace your FOAM gasket. Don”t remove the rubber gasket. If you have 2 foam gaskets, always replace both foam gaskets at the same time. These gaskets are suitable for V2200 Series: V2200, V2220, V2222, V2235, V2240, V2244, V2250, V2254, V2260 ; V2400 Series: V2420, V2430, V2431, V2432, V2433, V2440, V2450, V2460, V2461, V2470, V2480, V2490 ; V2800 Series: V2820, V2830, V2835, V2840, V2860, V2865

Gaskets for V3000, V3200, V3400, V3800 Series

The V3000, V3200, V3400, V3800 Series all have one rubber gasket and one foam gasket. Only the foam gasket has to be replaced. V3000 Series (Lower Gasket Only): V3020, V3040 *** V3200 Series(Lower Gasket Only): V3230, V3240, V3245, V3250 *** V3400 Series (Only recommended if your current gaskets remove without force): V3420, V3425, V3430, V3431, V3440, V3460, V3461, V3485 *** V3800 Series (Only recommended if your current gaskets remove without force): V3810, V3815, V3816, V3817, V3820, V3825, V3835, V3840, V3845, V3850, V3860, V3880 *** GameSaver Deluxe Plus, Vac 800 and 820 (Lower Gasket Only)

More Third Party Gaskets for V2200, V2400, V2800 Series as well as V3000, V3200, V3400, V3800 Series

Replacement Gaskets for FoodSaver FM2000, FM2010, FM2100, GM2050, GM2150 Series Vacuum Sealers

Gaskets for Vac 800 and 900

The Vac800 and Vac900 older models are still in use in many households. The Foodsaver T910-00159-000 Vacuum Sealer Upper Gasket Assembly is the correct Foam gasket for all VAC800 and VAC900 appliances.

Heat Strips for Vacuum Sealers

The Heat seal strip is a crucial barrier between the heating element and the bag in your heat sealer machine. Old tape causes poor sealing and can lead to a broken heating element and a broken sealer. These Strips should be replaced when they appear warn, discolored or if sealing isn”t perfect. If the only problem you are having with your vacuum sealer is the heat strip is not sealing completely, and will not maintain the vacuum created, then you should try replacing the heat strip. These Strips are slightly wider and longer than necessary, allowing you to easily cut them down to the perfect size for your model. Just peel tape from the roll and place on the correct area – Over the wire for vacuum sealers, under the wire for impulse sealers. Be sure to clean the strip location with Goo Gone before placing the new piece of tape. This tape is suitable for virtually all FoodSaver models including 4800, 2244, 3240, 4440, 4865, 3880, 3460, 2840, 3840, 3835, 2440, 2450, 2860, 2240, 2840, FM2000, FM2100, GameSaver, Professional.

Some Accessories and Attachments

Gaskets are not available for quite a few Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer Models. This is a link to a video showing how you can solve this problem. You will need the Gasket Maker material shown here
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