Replacement filters for oreck air purifiers

Filters for Oreck Air Purifiers

Replacement filters for oreck air purifiers
Oreck have released a number of popular air purifiers over the years such as the airvantage, airvantage pet, airinstinct, air tower, air response etc. Unfortunately, OEM filters for these models are not so easy to find and owners of these models are having to rely on aftermarket filters. This is a list of available filters for some common oreck air purifiers

Fits models airvantage WK10002QPC and airvantage pet WK10052QPC and is compatible with oreck WK01234QPC filter. Dimensions are 9.8 x 9.06 x 0.94 inches. Each kit contains 2 HEPA + 4 Carbon Filters

oreck xl professional air purifier filter

oreck airinstinct air purifier filters

oreck proshield air purifier filter

Fits Oreck Pro Shield Tabletop AIR12B, AIRPS Super Air 7, AIR7B, AIR7C Air Purifiers.

oreck air response filter replacement

oreck air purifier filter replacement air 95

Compatible with the Oreck OptiMax AIR95 Medium Room Air Purifier.
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