Aerogarden Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for Aerogarden Planting Systems

Aerogarden Replacement Parts
Aerogarden users need a regular supply of seed pod kits, grow baskets, growth sponges, pump filters and occasionally other parts such as pumps, grow lights and plant spacer kits. This is a compilation of parts and accessories for aerogarden systems

Replacement Seed Pods And Grow Baskets

Replacement Growth Sponges

Replacement Grow Domes, Labels & Plant Spacer Kits – Aerogarden Covers

Replacement Pumps & Pump Filters for Aerogarden Older Models

The older models that use this pump are the AeroGarden 7 (purchased prior to December 2012), EXTRA (purchased prior to May 2013, not EXTRA with Miracle-Gro logo on hood), Deluxe, Pro100, & Pro200.

Replacement Pumps & Pump Filters for Aerogarden Newer Models

Replacement Flourescent Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights

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