Rubber Ducks as Baby Shower and Birthday Party Favors

Rubber Ducky Party Favors
If you are looking for inexpensive yet popular gifts for baby showers or as stocking stuffers and party favors, the ever popular cute rubber ducks are eternal favorites. Ideally, for such a purpose, we need small, cute toys that are somewhat similar, yet each piece has to be unique. Rubber Ducks are available in sets of 12 or more in various colors and styles. According to Wikipedia, “The 2007 Guinness World Record for World’s Largest Rubber Duck Collection stood at 2,583 different rubber ducks, and was awarded to Charlotte Lee.” We dont need as many, but the selected sets of rubber ducks here should be enough to fit most party favor bags.

Sports Rubber Ducks

Rubber Duckies as football players, surfers, even sports balls

Novelty Rubber Ducks

Some fancy varieties of rubber ducks – ducls which light up, ducls which can be used as bicycle bells and car ornaments

Animal Rubber Ducks

Rubber ducls styled as other animals – zoo animals, sea turtle, flamingo

Costume Party Rubber Ducks

Party Favors Idea: Throw a costume party and keep some sets of costumed rubber ducks ready. Distribute rubber ducky party favors that match the costume. Fireman duckie for the Fireman, Princess duck for the princess…

Assorted Rubber Ducks

Bulk packs of variety of rubber duckies in sets of 50 and 100