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Self Leveling Laser Levels are becoming essential tools in any construction or remodelling project. Plumb, Level and Square alignments are no longer the painstaking work of old. Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters, Civil Engineers and Interior Designers are showing increasing reliance on this handy modern laser tool for accurate measurements and for marking lines and distances. Gone are the days of fixing line levels and plumb levels. Gone are the days of painstaking markings getting disturbed by clowns masquerading as colleagues. Laser levels have taken over the basic marking role and are providing greater accuracy, ease of use and productivity than imaginable even a few years back. And they bring in additional features such as the ability for self leveling, attaching to different surfaces, audio signals, change in line color to indicate errors! There are basic laser levels in the range of $20, and laser distance measures in the range of about $100. But the real techy stuff with all the bells and whistles cost a bit more, about $150 to $300. Let us review a few of these models.

The No.1 Bestseller

DEWALT Self Leveling Laser
The DEWALT DW087K Self Leveling Laser is a tool you’ll need in construction and remodeling projects. With this Self Leveling Laser, the use of chalk lines and calculations and markings becomes redundant. The unit is well built, and throws its beam with sufficient strength over a distance of 30 ft, enough to cover a normal room.

How to use a Laser Level

The video below gives an excellent intorduction to the use of a laser for plumb, level and square alignment and marking applications. They use a Stabila Laser Bob in the video, but it is the same with any other three beam or four beam laser.

Ryobi Self-leveling Laser Level

Ryobi Tek4 Self-leveling Plumb and Cross Laser Level

The Tek4 from Ryobi suits the needs of homeowners that are looking for an affordable self-leveling laser tool. It is useful in reading accurate line within a range of distances.
It is designed with LED indicator that will illuminate once it is out of level.
Apart from this, it has built in laser lock to enhance accuracy, projects its beam up to 30 feet distance and gives accurate readings within 0.04 inches per 100 ft.
It is not as sturdily built as a Bosch or a Dewalt, but for the price it is a good basic model

Bosch Self-leveling Laser

Bosch GLL2-40 Self-Level Cross Line Laser, Up To 30 Feet

The Bosch GLL2-40 self-level cross-line laser is a solidly constructed, sturdy yet compact tool. As one of the users points out, it is only slightly larger than a medium tape measure and weighs about as much as an SLR camera.

It has a range of 30 feet with clear, bright lines. This tool is thoughtfully designed with useful features such as low battery indicator and auto shut off when titled beyond 5 degrees.

More Bosch Self-leveling Laser Levels

Bosch GLL3-80 3 Plane Leveling-Alignment Laser

Bosch GTL3 Professional Tile Laser

Bosch GPL5 5-Point Alignment Laser BNA

Bosch GPL3 3-Point Laser Alignment with Self-Leveling

Bosch GPL5E 5-Point Laser Alignment with Fully Automatic Leveling

Bosch GLL2-50 Self-Leveling Crossline Laser with Pulse

Skil Laser Level

SKIL 8202-CL Self-Leveling Line Laser

This is a cost effective 2 beam leveling line laser from SKIL. It is very helpful for home decoration and remodeling work.
The range is about 15 feet with fairly clear lines.

It can be mounted on a tripod

Hilti Self-leveling Laser

Hilti 00411282 PMP 42 Plumb Laser Kit

This is a two beam Plumb Laser Kit from Hilti with a range upto 100 feet. Effective for basic alignment and plumbing work.

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