Giant Coloring Books

Jumbo Gifts for Boys and Girls who love coloring

For kids who love coloring, there is no better gift than a giant coloring book. At about one and half feet height, these huge coloring books have pictures that appear almost life size to the little ones. Many of these feature the favorite toons and themes of kids such as disney characters , santa claus or cars…and most are also activity books which combine puzzles and stickers with coloring pages. Some so called giant books, however, are of regular size, and are only called giant due to the larger number of pages. One must also be sure about the paper quality before buying a coloring book, because there are many books in the market with cheaper quality paper which sucks up paint and colors like a blotting paper, spoiling the efforts of the budding artists. Hopefully, this page will help you to select some good coloring books for your little Picassos.

The Big Book of Princesses Giant Coloring Book

This is a huge coloring book, it is about 1.5′ tall. The book is filled with 40 huge pictures of Disney Princesses. It also has a 100 stickers to add to the fun. It is a perfect gift for the girl who loves to color. This is a great book with great pictures to color. Kids get a lot of elbow room while coloring the large pictures and the paper quality is also much better than the usual coloring books.

Jumbo coloring books

Chuggington Giant Coloring Book Traintastic Crew! [Paperback]

Big Book of Racing Giant Super Jumbo Coloring Book (18 wide x 24 tall) [Paperback]

Pride of Lions Giant Super Jumbo Coloring Book (18 wide x 24 tall) [Paperback]

Dinosaurs Giant Super Jumbo Coloring Book English and Spanish Edition [Paperback]

Zoo Animals Giant Super Jumbo Coloring Book [Paperback]

Aliens & Monsters Coloring Book (13×19) [Spiral-bound]

Melissa and Doug jumbo coloring pads

Melissa and Doug coloring books set the standard among coloring books. The paper is of very good quality and you can use crayons, water colors or even markers for coloring. This is not possible with cheaper coloring books using poor quality paper as the color seeps through like on blotting paper. Moreover, the pictures are selected carefully with a range of difficulty . There are easy pictures with few lines and more difficult pictures with more details.

Jumbo Coloring Pad – Pink (11 x 14″)”

Melissa & Doug Girls Sticker Pad / Coloring Books Bundle

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Coloring Pad – Vehicles

Giant coloring and activity books

Coloring books which also combine some other activities are good for encouraging children to be more creative. Kids tend to concentrate longer while working on these books. This is a collection of coloring and activity books which combine activities such as doodling, drawing, puzzles, dot to dot with coloring. Click here for more giant coloring and activity books

Scribbles: A Really Giant Drawing and Coloring Book [Paperback]

Lisa Frank Magical Reflections Giant Coloring and Activity Book [Paperback]

Angry Birds Giant Coloring and Activity 1 assorted coloring Book 96 Pages [Paperback]

ABC-123 Learn My Letters and Number Giant Super Jumbo Coloring Book (18 x24) [Paperback]

Lalaloopsy Friends, Silliness and Fun Giant Coloring and Activity Book

Lalaloopsy Friends, Silliness and Fun Giant Coloring and Activity Book

This book has a lot of Lalaloopsy coloring pages with some fun activities. Lalaloopsy is joined in this book by Spot, Bea, Peanut, Jewel, Dot, Crumbs, Mittens and Pillow too. However, it is 10" long unlike some giant coloring books which are 1.5′.
The giant description is probably to indicate the large number of pages, more than 90. Again, like any good coloring book, there is a mix of pictures of varying difficulty levels. There are two page spreads with many lines and details, harder to color; and there are simpler pictures with less details and bold lines.

Crayola giant coloring books

Moshi Monsters Giant colouring Pages

Crayola Giant Coloring Pages Diego Ultimate Rescue League

Crayola Disney Pirates Giant Coloring Pages with Crayola Sticks

Barbie 18 Giant Coloring Pages

Speed Racer Jumbo Activity Coloring Book

Speed Racer Jumbo Activity Coloring Book

This is a coloring and activity book with pictures of the different speed racer characters such as racer x, chimp chimp and others.

There are also puzzles, mazes and other activities.

Spongebob Squarepants Giant Coloring Book

This is a set of giant coloring books filled with large pictures of the sea’s most famous sponge and packed with puzzles, mazes along with stickers. You can find SpongeBob, Patrick, and all of their undersea friends

Pirate Puzzles SpongeBob SquarePants Giant Coloring Book

Super Sponge-tastic SpongeBob SquarePants Giant Coloring Book

SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Holiday GIANT Coloring & Activity Booklet