pink ezy roller

Look Maa, No Pedals – The Easy Roller Ultimate Riding Machine

pink ezy roller

Is it time to get a ride on toy for your kid? How about a reclining chair that glides like a snake?
The Ezyroller is a combination of a scooter and a luge, which can be used by kids from 3 years on. It is a fun ride which relies on easy left right movements of the legs.
Little kids find it difficult to keep pedaling ride-on toys and get tired quickly. The Ezy roller overcomes this difficulty, allowing kids to enjoy the fun rides for much longer.

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Pink Ezy Roller

Ezy Roller Ultimate Riding Machine – Pink
The Ezy Roller is fun and a great exercise. It doesn’t take much time to get the hang of making it go with the help of your legs. It comes with extensions and tools to modify it as the kid grows. Pink is the favourite color of many little princesses and the Pink Ezy Roller is the popular choice for them. Girls who are afraid of falling from bikes will feel comfortable with this ride on as it is low to the ground and they can be seated comfortably. And it has three wheels, so they don’t have to learn to balance.

Special Edition Chrome Ezy Roller

The many colors of Ezy Roller

The Ezy Roller comes in a variety of colors – Red, Blue, Pink, Dark Blue and Black. There is even a chrome edition

Deep Blue Ezyroller

Red Ezy Roller

Ezy Roller Ultimate Riding Machine,Blue

Diamond Black Ezy Roller

Pink Ezy Roller Ultimate Riding Machine

Ezy Roller Special Edition in Chrome

Kids having Fun on the Ezy Roller

Usage Note: The Ezyroller is not for use on sand, grass and slopes. It has a brake, but the tire gets flat quickly if the brake is used too frequently.