breville barista express parts

Breville Barista Express Espresso Replacement Parts

breville barista express parts
This is the list of replacement parts for Breville Barista Express Semi Automatic Espresso Machines Models BES860XL, BES870XL

Replacement Parts for Breville BES870XL The Barista Express

Also for Models BES870BSXL Black Sesame, BES870CBXL Cranberry Red, Sage 875 (known elsewhere as Breville 870)

More Parts for Breville BES870XL The Barista Express

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PartPart numberDrawing Number
Locator For Porta FilterPart Number: SP0001558Drawing Number: A-01.06
Activator ButtonPart Number: SP0013654Drawing Number: A-01.07
MagnetPart Number: SP0001560Drawing Number: A-01.13
Base CoverPart Number: SP0001452Drawing Number: A-01.15
Foot BracketPart Number: SP0001453Drawing Number: A-01.17
Foot BracketPart Number: SP0001454Drawing Number: A-01.18
Front Left FootPart Number: SP0001455Drawing Number: A-01.19
Front Right FootPart Number: SP0001456Drawing Number: A-01.20
Rear Left FootPart Number: SP0001457Drawing Number: A-01.21
Rear Right FootPart Number: SP0001458Drawing Number: A-01.22
Solenoid Valve AssyPart Number: SP0013662Drawing Number: A-02.14
Solenoid Valve Connector KitPart Number: SP0001536Drawing Number: A-02.144
Solenoid Coil - Olab 5878Part Number: SP0010229Drawing Number: A-02.148
Solenoid Valve-Olab 9200HPart Number: SP0013665Drawing Number: A-02.149
Safety ValvePart Number: SP0001539Drawing Number: A-02.17
Water Filter Assy - Pre TankPart Number: SP0013624Drawing Number: A-02.18
PumpPart Number: SP0010241Drawing Number: A-02.19
Water DispenserPart Number: SP0001462Drawing Number: A-02.2
Diffuser AssemblyPart Number: SP0001463Drawing Number: A-02.22
Pump Inlet Tube SiliconePart Number: SP0001464Drawing Number: A-02.28
Silicone Tube?Filter To Flow MeterPart Number: SP0001561Drawing Number: A-02.29
Group HeadPart Number: SP0001465Drawing Number: A-02.3
Tube Silicone Diffus To WandPart Number: SP0001466Drawing Number: A-02.30
Tube - Silicone - Diffuser To SolenoidPart Number: SP0001467Drawing Number: A-02.31
Tube Silicone Diffus Safe ValvePart Number: BES870XL02.32Drawing Number: A-02.32
Tube ClampPart Number: SP0001562Drawing Number: A-02.33
Tef Tube - Medium - Solenoid To ThermoblockPart Number: SP0001470Drawing Number: A-02.34
Teflon Tube - Long Solenoid to Safety ValvePart Number: SP0013677Drawing Number: A-02.35
Tef Tube Shrt SolePart Number: SP0001563Drawing Number: A-02.36
Hose ClipPart Number: SP0001564Drawing Number: A-02.37
O RingPart Number: SP0001565Drawing Number: A-02.38
Flow MeterPart Number: SP0001473Drawing Number: A-02.41
Thermocoil Comp AssemblyPart Number: SP0010231Drawing Number: A-02.5
ScrewPart Number: SP0013681Drawing Number: A-02.8
Grinder Dose Dial KnobPart Number: SP0001477Drawing Number: A-03.17
Pressure GaugePart Number: SP0001567Drawing Number: A-03.9
Selector Valve AssemblyPart Number: BES870XL04.1Drawing Number: A-04.1
Frothing Wand Complete AssyPart Number: SP0001568Drawing Number: A-04.27
Bean Hopper LidPart Number: SP0001571Drawing Number: A-05.3
Handle Assy For Outer BurrPart Number: BES870XL06.11Drawing Number: A-06.11
Washer For BearingA-02.144Part Number: SP0001574Drawing Number: A-06.28
Felt WasherPart Number: SP0001575Drawing Number: A-06.29
Grind Fan AssemblyPart Number: SP0001576Drawing Number: A-06.30
Seal For Upper Conical BurrPart Number: BES870XL06.37Drawing Number: A-06.37
Washer For Inner BurrPart Number: SP0001577Drawing Number: A-06.42
Spring Washer For Inner BurrPart Number: SP0001578Drawing Number: A-06.43
Dome Nut For Inner BurrPart Number: SP0001579Drawing Number: A-06.44
Outer Burr CompletePart Number: SP0001801Drawing Number: A-06.8
DripTrayPart Number: SP0001582Drawing Number: A-09.1
Drip Tray CoverPart Number: SP0001583Drawing Number: A-09.3
Drip Tray GrillePart Number: SP0001584Drawing Number: A-09.5
Drip Tray FloatPart Number: SP0001585Drawing Number: A-09.8
Filter Holder SpringPart Number: SP0013690Drawing Number: A-10.1
Dual Wall Filter Single CupPart Number: SP0013696Drawing Number: A-11.3
Dual Wall Filter Double CupPart Number: BES870XL11.4Drawing Number: A-11.4
Storage TrayPart Number: SP0001586Drawing Number: A-11.5
Tef Tube - Solenoid To WandPart Number: SP0001529Drawing Number: A-12.10
Tef Tube - To Pressure GaugePart Number: SP0001530Drawing Number: A-12.11
Silicone Tube - Water Filter To TankPart Number: SP0001531Drawing Number: A-12.12
Hose Clip For Selector ValvePart Number: BES870XL12.13Drawing Number: A-12.13
O Ring For Selector ValvePart Number: BES870XL12.14Drawing Number: A-12.14
Hose Clamp For Selector ValvePart Number: BES870XL12.17Drawing Number: A-12.17
Power CordPart Number: SP0013707Drawing Number: A-12.20
Steam Wand HandlePart Number: SP0013599Drawing Number: A-12.3
Grind Adjust DialPart Number: SP0001592Drawing Number: A-12.4
Water Inlet SealPart Number: SP0013709Drawing Number: A-12.43
Steam Selector DialPart Number: SP0001534Drawing Number: A-12.5
Tube Silicone Id 5 Od 8Part Number: BES870XL12.57Drawing Number: A-12.57
Pcb Assembly LeftPart Number: SP0010233Drawing Number: A-13.1
Triac With PcbPart Number: SP0013711Drawing Number: A-13.14
Pcb Assy Right Coffee DosePart Number: SP0010235Drawing Number: A-13.2
Main PCBPart Number: SP0010236Drawing Number: A-13.3
Actuator SwitchPart Number: SP0013622Drawing Number: A-13.4
Microswitch Selector ValvePart Number: SP0013626Drawing Number: A-13.6
Hot Water And Tube AssemblyPart Number: SP0001598Drawing Number: A-14
O Ring For Hot Water TubePart Number: SP0001599Drawing Number: A-14.4
Bean HopperPart Number: SP0001570Drawing Number: A-5
Grinder Complete AssemblyPart Number: SP0010232Drawing Number: A-6
Top Cover Comp AssemblyPart Number: SP0001581Drawing Number: A-7
Water Tank AssemblyPart Number: SP0013685Drawing Number: A-8
Instruction BookPart Number: SP0010239Drawing Number: A-99