Vitamix 3600 Replacement Parts

This is a compilation of replacement parts for the Vitamix 3600 Blender. Vitamix 3600 Replacement Parts These parts will also fit the 3600 plus, super 3600 and 4000 models. The 3600 is among the oldest blender models from Vitamix. Introduced in 1969, a number of these blenders are still in use in numerous households. The original 3600 came with a stainless steel container. Surprisingly, Vitamix discontined the use of stainless steel containers, though many users prefer them. Used 3600 models are in demand mainly for the stainless steel containers. Vitamix does provide a Container Rebuild Kit for Vitamix 3600 consisting of all Seals for Agitator Blade Assembly, Spigot and Gasket for Action Dome. These and some other available replacement parts for the Vitamix 3600 Blenders are listed below.

Vitamix 3600 Containers

Vitamix 3600 Container

From the Vitamix Manual:

The 3600/4000 container, Item Number 015508, is not compatible with your machine if it has a six sided drive shaft. The six sided drive shaft will not engage the twelve teeth in the nut on the bottom of the blade assembly. Use the 3600/4000 container only on a motor base that has been converted to the twelve spline drive shaft. Adapter Kit, Item Number 000400, is available from Vitamix Customer Service at 1.800.848.2649 or 1.440.235.4840.

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