Replacement Filters for Tyent Water Ionizers and Alkalizers

tyent replacement filters

Among water filteration systems, alkalizers and water ionizers are becoming increasingly popular and one of the leading brands of water ionizers is Tyent Rettin. Tyent have released a range of water ionizer models, from the portable TYgo Portable Alkalizer, to the top of the line Tyent ACE-11 Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer with Hydrogen Boost and also the Under Counter Extreme 9000T Water Ionizer as well as the popular MMP 7, 9 and 11 plate countertop water ionizers such as the 2505W/5050/7070/7070 Turbo/9090/9090 Turbo/11 Plate. Of course, all these models require replacement of their water filters once every 6 to 12 months, depending on the water consumption and usage. However, while the replacement filters of the different models look alike, they are not interchangeable. There are several models which look quite similar, but on one screws are opposite to the other. Thus all filters would not fit all models! So you have to order the correct replacement filters for your model.
This compilation of replacement filters for some of the Tyent Water Ionizer models should be useful for selecting the correct replacement filter set for your model.

Filters for Tygo portable water ionizer

Tygo Portable Alkalizer converts normal tap water into Ionized alkaline water. It has a single bio-ceramic filter to remove chlorine, heavy metals, insecticides and other impurities. The life of the filter is about 1300 refills.

Replacement Filters for UCE – Under Counter Models

The Tyent UCE – Under Counter Extreme 9000T Water Ionizer model fits below the Kitchen sink and has a Dual Filter System . The 1st Filter is an Activated Carbon filter and the 2nd Filter is a Ceramic Filter. The life of the filters is about 951 Gallonsie, if you consume about 5 gallons a day, the filter set will last for about 6 months.

Replacement Filters for ACE Countertop Models

The ACE range from Tyent are high end countertop models with hydrogen boost. Tyent supplies a separate set of Ultra Filters for the ACE models with two filters. The primary ACF Fiber Active Carbon Filter Removes Rust, Dregs, Chlorine, VOCs Plus. The secondary Composite Ceramic Filter with Ion Ceramic is used to Create Electrolytes for ionizing the water.

Replacement Filters for MMP Models

For the MMP range of counter top water ionizers, three sets of replacement filters are available – Ecomony, Standard and Ultra. The economy set filters particles upto 5 microns size. The standard set filters particles upto 1 micron size. And Ultra Filter Set filters particles upto 0.1 micron size. The standard filter set performs at a level that is 5 to 10 times greater than that of the economy filter set. Ultra is more expensive, but filters out the minutest of particles.

Cleaning Filter Cartridge for MMP Models

To maintain the long-term performance of your ionizer, the Water Cell Plates of your Water Ionizer have to be descaled using a Cleaning Cartridge once in every 12~18 months . The Cleaning cartridge is a use and throw cartridge and can be used only once.