Crocs Jibbitz Favors & Gifts for Kids

Crocs Jibbitz Charms as Birthday Favors, Treat Bag Gifts and Stocking Fillers

Jibbitz are shoe charms which are fitted into the holes on croc style shoes. They are the craze with little kids. So make sure to include some jibbitz shoe charms for crocs among your birthday favors, in halloween treat bags and as christmas stocking stuffers. They come in sets of 6 to 20 pieces and are ideal for Birthday Favors, Treat Bag Gifts and Stocking Fillers.

There is an amazing variety of the shoe charms now available. Take a look here at some of the popular ones. Many of them can be modified for other uses such as for bracelet charms

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Disney Jibbitz Shoe Charms:All the favourite Disney Characters of Disney feature on jibbitz sets. This includes Mickey and his friends, Disney Princesses, Phineas and Ferb, The Little Ponies, and the characters from The Toy Story movie and Cars 2 movie.

Mickey Mouse

Disney Princess

Toy Story Figures

My Little Pony

Pixar Cars

Winnie the Pooh

Sesame Street Shoe Charms 10 pc Set – Jibbitz Croc Style : Elmo Big Bird Cookie Monster Bert & Ernie Oscar
This is a set of ten crocs jibbitz with sesame street characters. Kids who are fond of Elmo, Big Bird and other sesame street characters are sure to love putting these on their crocs.

  Butterfly Jewel Shoe Charms
25 Pcs Jewelry Croc Charms with Glittering Butterflies, Shining Flowers and other lovely designs

3D Crocs Jibbitz Shoe Charms: 3D shoe charms are really cool. They project out from the shoes like real life characters. Different balls and Water creatures such as sharks, dolphins, mermaids and dragons are most suitable and realistic.

3D Basketball

3D Plant Shoe Charms 10 PCS

3D Butterfly Charms

7Pcs Anime Cartoon Croc Charms

3D Gummy Bear


Super Mario Jibbitz

This is a set of 20 Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Shoe Charms, Shoe Snap on Decorations, Charms, Buttons, Widgets, for Clogs, Crocs, Bracelets and More Featuring Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Luigi, Goomba, Koopa.

These nintendo shoe charms and bottle cap magnets and stuff are well made and and donot break off easily with all the Jumpping and running of boys" feet.

Shoe Charms For Girls: This is a collection of jibbitz which catch the fancy of little girls. Multi colored crystal flowers, large flowers with soft colors, crystals with different hues, Hello Kitty, butterfly, ladybug, ice cream, crown and also a pack of cutesy animals

21 Flowers

Sanrìo Animal Cartoon

20PCS Pony Cartoon Shoe Charm

Kitty Jibbitz

Girls Rule

Hello Kitty

Pokemon Jibbitz Croc Shoe Charms
Is it any surprise that every kid wants to put Pokemon charms on their shoes? Better an angry Pokemon on the shoe than an angry scowl on the little monster’s face! The set here has 16 Pokemon charms including Pokeball, Pikachu and other Pokemon

Cartoons Shoe Charms for Crocs:All the popular cartoon characters are also available as shoe charms. Rugrats, Spongebob and Friends, Loony Toons, Super Hero Spiderman, Star Wars and Batman

Spongebob and Friends

Super Hero Spiderman

Star Wars


Loony Toons


Make Clay Charms

For DIY Enthusiasts. If you would rather make your own croc decorations, the Make Clay Charms Kit contains 9 colors of clay, charm bracelet, clay shaping tool, glaze with brush applicator, jump rings, charm loops, drying and display stand and
includes a 60 page instructional book to make your own croc charms.

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