Replacement Parts for Cuisinart Food Processors

Appliance Model Replacement Part

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Processor

DLC-2AMR Metallic Red


DLC-2A White

DLC-2WB-1 Work Bowl, 21 oz

DLC-2AWBC-1 Work Bowl Cover

DLC-2AWB-1 Work Bowl with Clear Handle, 24 oz

DLC-2ACBN Chopping Blade

Cuisinart DFP-14 14-Cup Food Processor



DFP-14BCNY Brushed Stainless Steel

DFP-14 Sky Blue



DFP-14WGY White and Gold

DLC-005AGTXT-1 Work Bowl

Small Pusher DLC-2014SP-1

DLC-036 6-by-6mm Fruit, Vegetable and French Fry Disc

DLC-019ATX Dough Blade

Food Processor Work Bowl Cover DFP-14NWBCT1

DLC-DH Disc Holder

DLC-016GTX flat cover with cap

Medium Shredding Disc DLC-037TX

DLC-039ATX-1 Detachable Stem

DLC-018BGTX (DLC-018BGTX-1) Large Pusher and Sleeve Assembly

DLC-042TX-1 Thin Slicing Disc for Food Processor, 2mm

BDH-2 Blade and Disc Holder

DLC-017BGTX Work Bowl Cover with Large Feed Tube

DLC-046TXAMZ 6mm Thick Slicing Disc, Fits 14-Cup Processor

Spatula DLC-650

DLC-048TXAMZ 8mm Extra Thick Slicing Disc

DLC-055TX-1 Food Processor Whisk Attachment

DLC-035TXAMZ Fine Grater Disc

4mm Standard Slicing Disc DLC-044

DLC-093 3 Disc Set for Food Processor

DLC034TX Fine Shredder

Large Pusher Assembly DLC-2014P-1

DLC-034 Fine Shredding Disc

DLC-043-1 3mm Medium Slicing Disc