Food grade storage buckets for long term food storage

food grade storage buckets

Food grade storage buckets are essential requirements for long term food storage. You can protect your food grains and articles from air and moisture by sealing them in mylar food storage bags. But you also need to protect the items from vermin. For this purpose, you need to store them in storage buckets with air tight lids. To avoid contamination, you need to ensure that the storage containers are made of food grade material. Such Food grade storage buckets are available for free at local bakeries as shown in the video below. If you cant get them for free, you can buy online.

Food grade storage buckets with airtight lids

6 gallon food grade storage buckets
This is a pack of 10 storage buckets of 6 gallon capacity with lids. The lids come in three colors – 4 white, 3 blue, 3 red. So you can group your food items into containers with different colored lids for easy identification.


5 Gallon Capacity Food grade storage buckets

5 gallon food grade storage containers in different packs from 1 to 14, some with lids and some without.

5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid – Durable 90 Mil All Purpose Pail – Food Grade – BPA Free Plastic –

5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid – Set of 3 – Durable 90 Mil All Purpose Pail – Food Grade – BPA Free Plastic –

5 – Brand New 5 Gallon Plastic Food Grade Buckets with Tear Tab Lids

Six 5 Gallon 75 mil White Pails with Six Re-Seal-able White Gamma Seal Lid

Ten Food Grade 5 Gallon 75 Mil White Pails with Ten High Viscosity White Lid with Flow-in Gasket

14 Food Grade White 5 gal. plastic pails without lids

You can get them for free

Other Capacities

EZ Store Plastic Container- 5.3 gal – White

2 gallon Food Grade White plastic bucket with handle & Lid – Set of 3

Leaktite Corp. 5GLCLR 5 Gallon Clear Plastic Pail

Long-Term Dry Food Storage Set

Long-Term Dry Food Storage Set
Four (4) Leaktite 90 Mil White 5 Gallon Buckets,
Four (4) Gamma Seal Lids Black,
Ten (10) Mylar Bags (20" x 30" Heavy 5 Mil Food Grade Bags Large enough for 5 or 6 Gallon Buckets),
and Ten (10) 2000cc Oxy-Sorb Oxygen Absorbers (One 2000cc Oxygen Absorber generally sufficient for 5 to 6 Gallon Buckets).
This is a complete set of all the supplies needed for long term food storage. The video below shows how you use these for storing your food stuff properly.

Translucent Food Grade Storage Containers

Cambro Round Food Storage Container Sets
This is a set of two food grade containers with snap on lids. These are available in different capacities from 1 quart to 8 quart

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