Birthstone Butterfly Jewelry

Exquisite Butterfly Jewelry for each Month

Aren’t Butterflies beautiful? Heinlein said that "Butterflies are self propelled flowers." They come in all colors and shapes and look so dainty as they flit from one flower to another. No wonder Butterfly themed jewelry looks so dainty and elegant when worn for the right occasions. What’s more, they are available with all the birthstone gemstones as butterfly rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and particularly brooches. Here is a selection of butterfly themed jewelry organized by birthstones. Select the butterfly of your month and let it alight on you!

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Garnet Butterfly Jewelry:
Butterflies with January Birthstone

Sterling Silver Butterfly Earrings

Diamond Accent Butterfly Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Pearl and Garnet Butterfly Pin Brooch

Marquise Shape Garnet Butterfly Charm Pendant

Garnet Butterfly Sterling Silver & Enamel Pin

Butterfly Garnet & Sterling Silver Ring

Amethyst Butterfly Jewelry: Butterflies with February Birthstone

Sterling Silver Butterfly Earrings

Diamond Accent Butterfly Pendant Necklace

Amethyst and Diamond Accent Butterfly Ring

Purple Amethyst Clear Crystal Rhinestone Butterfly Insect Bracelet Bangle Cuff

Amethyst Butterfly Charm Pendant

Sterling Silver Amethyst Butterfly Bracelet

Aquamarine Butterfly Jewelry: March Birthstone Butterflies

Aquamarine Butterfly Earrings

Necklace with Aquamarine Butterfly Pendant

Aquamarine Butterfly Ring

14k Gold Butterfly Earrings with Aquamarines

Pugster March Butterfly Italian Charm

Aquamarine Butterfly Pendant

Diamond Butterfly Jewelry: April Birthstone Butterflies

14k Gold Diamond Butterfly Pendant Necklace

Yellow Gold Diamond Butterfly Earrings

Yellow Gold Diamond Accented Butterfly Charm Bracelet

Sterling Silver Enamel Butterfly Diamond Ring

Platinum Over Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Butterfly Band

Diamond Butterfly Drop Earrings Jackets

Emerald Butterfly Jewelry: May Birthstone Butterfly Jewelry

Emerald Butterfly Mom Heart Pendant Necklace

14K White Gold Pear Emerald Butterfly Ring

14K White Gold Pear Emerald Butterfly Earrings

14K Yellow Gold Pear Emerald Butterfly Pendant

14K Yellow Gold Pear Emerald Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly Cut Emerald Diamond Accent Shamballa Style Bracelet

Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite Butterfly Jewelry: June Birthstone Butterfly Jewelry

Rainbow Moonstone Wirework Butterfly Slide Pendant

Butterfly Shaped Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Alexandrite Butterfly Ring

Alexandrite Butterfly Earrings

Alexandrite Butterfly Pendant

Mother of Pearl Fancy Butterfly Pendant