Sunbeam Oster Breadmaker Replacement Parts

Oster Breadmakers are presently the bestselling breadmakers in the market which provide good features for reasonable price.oster breadmaker parts Ever since Sunbeam tookover Oster, the brand names have been used interchangeably in the market and Oster breadmakers are also known as Sunbeam Oster breadmakers. This, at times, causes confusion among buyers, particularly while hunting for replacement parts. This list of replacement pan, paddles and accessories is for both Sunbeam and Oster breadmakers.

Replacement Parts for Oster CKSTBR9050 Bread Maker

Replacement Parts for Oster Bread Machine CKSTBRTW20

There are TWO designs/models of the ckstbrtw20 bread maker. The older model is: ckstbrtw20-np and has a “round” connector for the bread pan. The newer model is: ckstbrtw20-gn and has a “rectangular” connector. The pans for the two variants are not interchangeable. Please check your model before ordering any parts

Sunbeam 5891 Programmable Breadmaker Parts

Sunbeam and Oster Breadmaker Parts for Models 4807, 4810,4811,4812,4832,4833

Oster 5838 Series Breadmaker Parts

Sunbeam 5890 Series Breadmaker Parts

Oster 5826 Series Breadmaker Parts including models 5826, 5846, 5848

Early production Oster 2.0-Lb ExpressBake Bread Maker models 5838, 5838-33, 5838-026 and 005838-000-000 are distinguishable by a removable loaf pan with 3 circular rivet heads surrounding its interior kneading post. If you own one of the model 5838 variations and your loaf pan has 4 circular rivet heads surrounding its interior kneading post then your unit is a late production model. Do not buy the paddle listed below . Use Paddle part no. 145848-000-000 instead.

Oster 5821 Series Breadmaker Parts including models 5821, 5834, 5836

Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoon and Fork Hook

For more details about Oster Bread Machine Parts, and to contact Oster Support, visit the Oster website. For more details about Sunbeam Bread Machine Parts, and to contact Sunbeam Support, visit the Sunbeam website
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