Replacement Filters for Holmes Air Purifiers

Holmes® HAPF600CS (B) HEPA Filter compatiable with these products: Mini Tower HAP8650B-U, HAP759-TU, HAP9726B-U, HAP9726-U, HAP726-U, HAP756-U, HAP633-U, HAP616B-TU, HAP616-TU
For use with: HAP115Z and HAP116Z
Fits Holmes Models: HAP70, HAP75, HAP76. Fits Pollenex Models: AT100, AT101 . For use with: HAP75-UC2
HAPF7-U8 For Use With Model #HAP70, #HAP75-UC TV #170-068, HAP76-UC and AT100RX.
Fits Holmes models: HAP615, HAP625, HAP650, HAP675RC, HAP725, HAP750, HAP1625, HAP1650, HAP1725 and HAP1750. Also fits Holmes models: HAP616, HAP633, HAP653, HAP726, HAP756, HAP759, HAP8615, HAP8650 and HAP9726. Fits Bionaire models BAP260, BAP815, BAP825, HAP1225 and BAP125
 fits Holmes models HAP240, HAP242, HAP243, HAP244, HAP246, HAP260, HAP260B, HAP413, HAP433, HAP440, HAP2404, HAP2604, HAP2604B, HE3001, HE3001-IQ, BAPF29-1 and PPS100. Does not fit the HAP412, HAP424 or HAP422 filters. It is 99.97% effective at HEPA Filtration and measures approximately 4 3/4 x 10 x 1 1/2. This includes the HEPA Filter + Carbon 

Replacement Carbon Pre-Filters for Holmes Air Purifiers

actual measurements 9 1/8″ x 5 7/8″. for use in the Holmes air purifier models: HAP615, HAP625, HAP650, HAP675, HAP675RC, HAP725, HAP750, HAP1725, HAP1750, HAP8615. They also are compatible and fit filters for the GE: 106633, 106643, 106653 and Bionaire: BAP1175 BAP1300, BAP1125, BAP1150, BAP1225, BAP1250 air purifiers. for use with the HAPF600CS
Fits Holmes models HAP-290 475 HAP-300 3004 HAP-291 2914 HAP-292 HAP-70 293 2934 540 541.. Large 15-34 x 48 cut-to-fit activated carbon sheet..
eplacement carbon filter fits Holmes model HAP222, HAP223, and HAP2234. It measures approximately 4 1/2″ x 8″ and is sold 2 carbon pre-filters per box
Fits Holmesreg; room air cleaners HAP-560, HAP-570, HAP5604, and WAP-5600, as well as Bionairereg; models BAP560, BAP560C, BAP570, BAP570-C, and White Westinghousereg; WAP5600. There are 2 carbon pre-filters per box and each measures approximately 9 1/2 x 17 1/2.
Compatibility: Holmes HAP-625 Air Purifier; Holmes HAP-650 Air Purifier; Holmes HAP-675 Air Purifier; Holmes HAP725-U Air Purifier; Holmes HAP750-U Air Purifier
Custom Polaroid Carbon Media Measures 6″ x 9 1/4″.

Replacement Foam Pre-Filters for Holmes Air Purifiers

Fits Holmes model HAP-245, HAP-250, HAP-251 and HAP-260. Holmes replacement foam pre-filter. Measures approximately 6″ x 11″ x 3/8″.
replacement foam pre-filter, fits Holmesreg; air purifier model HAP220, HAP221, HAP222, HAP223, HAP2234 and Fits Family Care model HAP-220 and HAP-221. . This filter measures approximately 5 1/2 x 9 x 1/8

Replacement aer1 Filters for Holmes Air Purifiers

Compatible with Bionaire Units: BAP260, BAP815, BAP825, BAP9200, BAP9700, BAP520 . Compatible with Holmes Units: CAP531-U, CAP529-U, HAP240, HAP242, HAP412, HAP422, HAP424, HAP706, HAP716, HAP9240, HAP9242, HAP9412, HAP9414, HAP9422, HAP9424
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