Replacement Bulbs for Scentsy Warmers

Replacement Bulbs for Scentsy Warmers
Scentsy Wax Warmers are available in more than 100 designs. Most of these use incandescent bulbs for warming the wax. Most of the plugin models use 15w bulbs. Most of the full size models use 25W bulbs. Some models require 20W bulbs and 40W edison bulbs

scentsy light bulbs for warmer 15 watt

These replacement bulbs are suitable for Unbe-leaf-able Warmer and following mini warmers, both tabletop and wall plug models: Alabaster Mini Warmer, Bali Mini Warmer, Bee Happy Mini Warmer, Believe in Your Dreams, Bluebird Mini Warmer, Butterfly Season Mini Warmer, Cotton Meadow Mini Warmer, Crowned in Gold Mini Warmer, Daydream Mini Warmer, Etched Core – Rose Gold Mini Warmer, Glitter Rose Gold Mini Warmer, Glitter Silver Mini Warmer, Glitter Teal Mini Warmer, Gold Cracked Marble Mini Warmer, Golden Scallops Mini Warmer, Light From Within Mini Warmer, Lily Garden Mini Warmer, Lit with Love Mini Warmer, Mod Green Mini Warmer, Morning Sunrise Mini Warmer, Pearled Gatsby Mini Warmer, Perfect Pearl Mini Warmer, Pretty in Purple Mini Warmer, Queen Pineapple Mini Warmer, Red Sea Coral Mini Warmer, Salerno Mini Warmer, Scallop Mini Warmer, Take Me Home Mini Warmer, Tea Rose Mini Warmer, Whoot Mini Warmer, Wire You Blushing? Mini Warmer, Wispy Willow Mini Warmer

scentsy wax warmer light bulb replacement 20 watt

These replacement bulbs are suitable for Angel Wings Warmer, Aqua Glow Warmer, Crush – Diamond Warmer, Emerald Warmer, Etched Core – Rose Gold Warmer, Etched Core Warmer, Glisten Warmer, Golden Glow Warmer, Mercury Glass Warmer, Pink Champagne Warmer, Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration: Cinderella Castle – Scentsy Warmer

scentsy 25 watt light bulbs for full size warmer

These replacement bulbs are suitable for Alabaster Warmer, Aziza Warmer, Bee Kind Warmer, Birds of Paradise Warmer, Blissful Butterflies Warmer, Blue Twirl Warmer, Bubbled – Blue Ombre Warmer, Bubbled – Iridescent Warmer, Classic Curve – Gloss Gray Warmer, DC Wonder Woman™ – Scentsy Warmer, Disney Drive-In – Scentsy Warmer, Enchant Warmer, Flaunt Your Feathers Warmer, Golden Sunset Warmer, Himalayan Salt – Pink Warmer, Love Wishes Warmer, Marvel – Scentsy Warmer, My Sun & Moon Warmer, Night Sky Warmer, Pastel Prism Warmer, Salerno Warmer, See the Good Warmer, Stellar Warmer, Summer Rain Warmer, Time to Reflect Warmer, Twinkle Warmer, What You Make It Warmer, Winter Retreat Warmer

color light bulbs for scentsy warmers

40 watt edison light bulbs for scentsy wax warmer

These replacement bulbs are suitable for Cream Diamond Warmer, Mirrored Rosé Warmer, Obsidian Warmer, Shining Light Warmer, Tiger Jasper Warmer
These models use heating element for warming the wax and do not need replacement bulbs – Aloe Vera Warmer, Bali Warmer, Cloud Nine Warmer, Disney Mickey Mouse – Scentsy Warmer, Disney Minnie Mouse – Scentsy Warmer, Glimmer & Glow Warmer, Letterboard Warmer, Little Garden Warmer, Polar Panorama Warmer, Sparkling Snowman Warmer, Suc-cute-lent Warmer, Tilia Warmer

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