Oster Fusion Blender Replacement Parts

oster fusion blender partsOster Fusion Blenders are a range of 7 speed blender models with push button controls. In a break from their usual design philosophy, Oster have changed the design of their jars and components for these blenders. So, parts such as jars and bottom case are different from those for other Oster models. The replacement parts for Oster Fusion Blenders are listed in this post.

Replacement Parts for Fusion Blenders

These parts are for the 7 Speed Fusion blender models BRLY07-B, BRLY07-BF, BRLY07-W, BRLY07-Z. These parts will also fit the 3 Speed Counterforms models BVCB07-L00-126 and BVLB07-L
Replacement Parts for Fusion Blenders
In case of any queries about replacement parts for Ostar Blenders, contact Oster Customer Support
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