Halloween Silhouette Templates for Decorations

These printable Halloween Silhouettes are useful as simple stencils and cut out templates for carving simple patterns on pumpkins. These can also be used in Printable Halloween Crafts for creating Invitations, Flyers, Signs, Halloween Cards and Greetings etc.

 Lighted Ghost Silhouette
Lighted Window decoration with a large ghost outline. Looks like Casper the friendly ghost, but is neither too cute nor too scary.The lights are bright and the ghost looks great in the window. Good visibility from even 20 feet away.

skull and wings silhouette

Some common Halloween Silhouette Stock Motifs including bats, crows, rats and spiders

bat silhouette

Spooky Halloween Silhouettes: Punch-Out Window Shadows for a Haunted Home

Large-format book of black pages with jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, ravens, skulls, and more.The punch outs in the book are a nice thick card stock and are sturdy enough to take down and use for a few years. The individual silhouettes cost less than a dollar each. The amazing silhouettes make decorating scary, spooky, easy, and fun. This book is a great “Trick or Treat”

cartoon cat silhouette

halloween lighted window silhouettes

Scary Peeper Creeper Black Silhouette

This life size monster provides a great finishing touch for any Halloween Horror theme

monster devil silhouette

halloween silhouette yard decorations

Scary & Non Scary Halloween Table Decorations

Classy & creepy! Silhouettes of Horror Movie characterss to adorn your table

scarecrow silhouette

Halloween Outdoor Hanging Decor

Halloween Pumpkin Cat iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus Case

Perfect case for Halloween! A Ghost carrying an orange pumpkin with the silhouette of a black cat in front of it.

bat silhouette

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