coldheat replacement tips

Coldheat Soldering Iron Replacement Tips

Coldheat Soldering Iron Replacement Tips


Coldheat Soldering Iron Tips are no longer available on Amazon. One can try on ebay or at the neighborhood hobby electronics shop. Alternately, one can consider a substitute wireless soldering pen such as a weller or Tooluxe

So you broke the tip of your ColdHeat Cordless Soldering Pen? Yes, the tips are rather fragile, but if you are putting a lot of pressure on the tip, chances are, you may need to polish your soldering technique! On the other hand, the frequent heating and cooling can cause the tips to become fragile with age. Problem is, generic Soldering Tips cannot be used with a ColdHeat Soldering Tool. ColdHeat Soldering Tools have a unique design. The tip is heated by an electric arc.So the tip design is different. The ColdHeat Ceramic Tip is the suitable replacement tip for the ColdHeat Cordless Soldering Pen. This tip will also fit the older models of ColdHeat Solder Iron Pens

ColdHeat Classic Soldering Tool

ColdHeat Cordless Soldering Pen