Brother M Tapes for PTM95 Label Maker

Brother M Tapes for PTM95 Label Maker
Brother ‘M’ tapes comes in 9 millimeter (~3/8 inch) and 12 millimeter (~ ½ inch) widths and a range of colors including 12mm- M231, MK233, MK232, M131, ME31, M531, M731, M931, M831, Mk631; 9mm – ME21, M521, M721, M921, M821, ME793

Brother M Tape 9mm

Brother M Tape 12mm Clear

Brother M Tape 12mm Black on White

Brother M Tape 12mm Color

Suminey Compatible M Tape Replacement for Brother P Touch Label Maker Tape Refill 12mm 0.47 M-K231 MK431 MK531 MK631 MK731

Brother M Tape Silver

Brother P-Touch PTM95 Accessories

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