Austin Air Air Purifier Filter Replacement

Filters for Austin Air Air Purifiers
Austin Air Air Purifiers are available in different colors. The replacement filters are available in black and white colors. Both colors have same dimensions and are interchangeable. If looks matter, which color replacement filter to choose depends on the color of your Air Purifier. If you have light colored models such as Sandstone, White, Baby Blue or Pink, the white replacement filter is suitable. If you have a dark colored model such as Black or Midnight Blue, the Black replacement filter is suitable.

Aftermarket Replacement Filters For Austin Air Standard Air Purifiers

Aftermarket Replacement Filters For Austin Air Junior Air Purifiers

Austin Air Healthmate Filter FR400a, FR400b

Fits Austin Air air purifier models HM400, HM400A1 Sandstone, B400E1 Midnight Blue, B400B1 Black, B400CE White.

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Replacement Filter FR450a, FR450b

Austin Air Allergy Machine Replacement Filter FR405a, FR405b

Austin Air Pet Machine Replacement Filter FR410a, F410b

Austin Air Bedroom Machine Replacement Filter FR402a, FR402b

Fits Austin Air air purifier models HM402, B402A1 Sandstone, B402B1 Black, B402C1 White, B402E1 Midnight Blue

Austin Air Healthmate Jr Replacement Filter FR200, FR200a, FR200b

Austin Allergy Machine Jr Filter FR205a, FR205b

Austin Air Baby’s Breath Filter

Austin Air Healthmate Plus Jr Replacement Filter FR250a, FR250b

Austin Air Pre Filter

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To know how to change the filter on your Austin Air Purifier, Click Here for Instructions
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